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Bureau of Investigations Division

Bureau of Investigations Division The following divisions make up the Bureau of Investigations Division that employs 60 people.

The following divisions make up the Bureau of Investigations Division that employs 60 people.








The Bureau of Investigations Division is the largest within the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Detective Division consists of 9 detectives . The Division is supervised by two Sergeants, one Lieutenant and one Captain.

Deputy Badge - Iberia ParishThe Juvenile Division is made up with one sergeant and five investigators. The sergeant makes case assignments to all other detectives under her command and also handles walk in complaints involving juveniles and supplements the other detectives when assistance is needed. She maintains the case logs and proof reads all reports and case files prior to them being submitted for prosecution.

The juvenile detectives are the busiest of all the sections that make up the Bureau of Investigations. They not only handle crimes committed against juveniles but crimes committed by juveniles. The detectives also supplement the other sections when needed. Four members of this section are trained in child forensic interviewing. This division maintains records on juveniles until they reach the age of seventeen.

To date, the Juvenile Division continues to gain knowledge through advanced schools. Knowing the future begins with our juveniles. Great efforts are being made to insure they are led in a positive direction.

The Tactical Surveillance Unit was conceived by Sheriff Louis M. Ackal to supplement the detective/ uniform patrol division. Its primary function was to work the areas of the city of New Iberia and the parish of Iberia where there was occurring a large number of burglaries, thefts and criminal damage to property. The program has been so successful that it has been incorporated into the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Bureau of Investigations. Not only does it supplement the patrol division, but also narcotics, detectives and sex offender registry where surveillance is required releasing the members of the other sections to continued with other investigations.They do surveillance on an area that is suffering from thieves and burglars. They will also work areas like schools, parks, farms, and neighborhoods where prowlers and vandals take advantage of lightly populated areas to commit crimes.

Tactical Surveillance is made up of four team members and a sergeant. The sergeant is responsible for insuring that reports and paperwork are completed in a timely manner, that all equipment is maintained. Further, the sergeant receives and distributes assignments from the other areas of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. The sergeant answers directly to and receives assignments from the lieutenant of detectives.

Sheriff Louis Ackal has accomplished this by more than doubling the manpower within the division and has provided detectives with the equipment and skills necessary to properly investigate evolving crime trends in Iberia Parish.

Detectives are responsible for investigating a wide variety of crimes including identity thefts, property crimes, financial crimes, domestic violence, burglaries, armed robberies, home invasions and homicides.

Detectives duties are to conduct follow—up investigations generated by the Patrol Division as well as self—initiated investigations. Sheriff Ackal encourages detectives to take a pro—active approach against crime and participate in special operations throughout the year. Working closely with the juvenile detectives and outside agencies, detectives with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce help locate and arrest those persons who prey on the innocence of children. Being a detective requires a special set of skills which are necessary to investigate such a wide variety of crimes. Detectives attend training courses throughout the country where they learn skills to better investigate both violent and property crimes.

In 2014, detectives recovered over one—million dollars worth of stolen property and returned over $300, 000 initially related to financial crimes. Over 2, 100 cases were assigned to the adult detective division. The division closed 1, 000 cases making over 300 arrests.

The division was able to intercept property from shipping scams caused by over sea’s criminals preying on our citizens to reship property that was shipped to their residences. The sheriff’s office obtained over $30, 000 dollars of property in relation to reshipping scams occurring in our parish. The property was seized and is being utilized by Detectives in investigations. The property is electronics ranging from laptops, smart phones, projectors, clothing and shoes. Victims of these crimes were identified and resides out of state.

In the years to come, the Detective Division will continue to use modern technology, intelligence and traditional practices to identify, locate and arrest those who participate in criminal activity in Iberia Parish.

The elderly abuse/ farm agricultural unit is made up with one person. He investigates crimes against the elderly and investigates complaints that are reported by the local farmers. If any person wants to report an elderly person being abused, please contact Detective Scott Hotard, (337) 321-4571.

Below are Pictures of Crimes that have Occurred in our Parish:

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