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Sex Crimes

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the registration of sex offenders and child predators who reside within the limits of the parish, including offenders that live within the city limits.

  • Upon receipt of registration information, the registry is required to forward same to the Bureau of Louisiana State Police immediately

  • This registry has to ensure sex offenders and child predators are in compliance with community notification requirements. Community notification also includes an ad in the Daily Iberian that is prepared for the offender to bring to the newspaper.

  • Upon receipt of notice of change of address, updated information, or periodic renewal of registration, this registry must immediately forward this information to the Bureau of the Louisiana State Police and to every other agency with whom the offender is required to register.

  • If offender provides notice of intent to establish temporary lodging for seven or more days outside the boundaries of his parish of residence, the sheriff shall notify the sheriff of the parish of temporary lodging. If the location is out of state, the sheriff shall notify the bureau of State Police.

  • Maintain communications with other agencies in reference to registration and registrants of that parish.

  • Conduct operations to check compliance with sex offender registration and notification requirements and verify address of offenders.

  • When a convicted sex offender or child predator is found to be out of compliance, an investigation is launched. If the offender is refusing to obey the laws governing convicted sex offenders and child predator or for some reason is not complying, this division completes ARMMS reports, prepares an affidavit listing probably cause and obtains an arrest warrant. Offender is arrested and the compliance officer prepares a case file and follows this case to prosecution by the District Attorney's Office.

  • There were approximately 350 convicted sex offenders registered with this registry. Of these, approximately 36 have moved out of state, 16 have died, and approximately 58 had their registration requirement expired.

  • Approximately 268 offenders are active at this time. Of these, 61 are incarcerated (this number changes daily), about 86 offenders reside in the city limits of New Iberia. Approximately 121 active offenders live in the parish areas.

  • Close communication with our patrol division, Probation & Parole, and all other agencies are necessary for keeping track of these offenders. They are constantly changing addresses, places of employment or unemployment, in and out of incarceration, treatment centers, etc.

  • The mandate of this division is not to keep sex offenders from re-offending; we cannot do that. It is not to re-punish convicted sex offenders for their crimes. Our goal is to know the address of each convicted sex offender living in Iberia Parish and to notify each family living within the specified proximity of the offender. We let the families know what the offender looks like, what he was convicted of and what his address is. The more we have gotten to know an offender the more we know about his life, friends, relatives, etc., the more help we can be to investigators in the awful event that the offender should ever re-offend.

  • Our second goal is to make sure that the offender pays all fees and keeps all regulations set up by the State of Louisiana, and to arrest any that we cannot get into compliance with the law.

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