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DEA - (U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration)

  • The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office has the two Deputies assigned to the GCHIDTA Task Force in Lafayette La.
  • The mission of the Southwest Louisiana Major Investigations Team is to identify the most significant drug trafficking organizations operating in Southwest Louisiana, target the members of the criminal enterprise, and completely dismantle the organization both domestically and internationally.
  • This effort will be accomplished by arresting the highest identifiable members of the drug trafficking organization and seizing the entire financial infrastructure. Additionally, the Southwest Louisiana Major Investigations Team will continue to identify and exploit drug and bulk-cash couriers who utilize Interstate-10 as a conduit to the southeast United States and the southwest border.
  • The Southwest Louisiana Major Investigations Team will accomplish this effort by continuing to partner with our state and local counterparts who operate Interstate-10 Criminal Interdiction Units. The Southwest Louisiana Major Investigations Team will also collect, analyze, and disseminate drug-related intelligence to other high intensity drug trafficking areas and to our federal, state and local counterparts operating in southwest Louisiana.
  • The parent agency for the task force is the Drug Enforcement Agency. Participating law enforcement agencies include the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office, St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office, Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, Opelousas Police Department, Lafayette Police Department, Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the Louisiana National Guard.


U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

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