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Career Law Enforcement

Being a police officer is a very important job. Many people throughout the parish rely on the Sheriff's Office for a variety of reasons.

If you decide to become a police officer, you should stay in school and get a good education. When you are ready to become a Sheriff's deputy, you must go to the Sheriff's Academy to be trained as a police officer.
There are several different areas that you can work in at the Sheriff's Office; such as Patrol, Corrections, Detectives, Narcotics and Administration.
Police work can be very dangerous. Officers need to be constantly alert and ready to deal with threatening situations.
Deputies and detectives are required to work at any time their services are needed and may work long hours during investigations. Whether on or off duty, officers are expected to be armed and to exercise their arrest authority whenever necessary.
Being a police officer is hard work, but catching the bad guys and keeping Iberia Parish safe makes it all worthwhile.
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