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Assistance Program (Elderly Assistance / Domestic Violence)

Elderly Assistance

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office has made a commitment to the senior citizens of our community. The roots of our families' foundation began with these wonderful people who have led the way for us to follow. The wisdom and inspiration, the hard work and dedication of the elderly is a treasure we value, as we value the people themselves. It is our commitment to ensure that they are heard and we will make every effort to see that any and all abuse is stopped.

Family members such as children or spouses most typically cause abuse of the elderly. The source of much of the abuse is caused by families dealing with stress. Some abusers have problems with alcohol or drugs. Living in a fast pace and busy society, people can lose focus of the needs of the elderly.

Abuse comes in many forms including neglect. Financial abuse is believed to be the most common form of abuse against the elderly. Theft, mismanagement of money or the sale of property without consent is common. Physical abuse can include grabbing, hitting, punching, pushing, hair pulling, and forced sexual activity. Mental or psychological abuse includes such things as ridicule, threats, humiliation, or destruction of personal belongings. Physical or emotional neglect can be the most painful abuse of all. This includes withholding food, medical care or support. Caregiver or institutional abuse can occur when an older adult is receiving care either at home or in an institution. This type of abuse may include physical abuse, mental or psychological abuse, administering or prescribing medication for an inappropriate purpose, forced sexual activity, stealing money or valuables, or failing to provide the necessities of life, such as food, and medical attention.

Elderly people are often reluctant to talk about abuse for many reasons. Often they are embarrassed or they don't want to believe what is happening to them. They are hopeful that the abuse will soon stop, especially if the abuser has promised never to do it again. They may fear being thrown out on the street or possibly put in a nursing home. The abused may be afraid to speak about what's happened in fear it will get even worse. Sometimes these people may have memory or language problems and the abuse will never be heard.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of elderly abuse please contact the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office at
560-4139 or click here to email our Elderly Assistance Staff, because we care.

Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence share a sense of isolation, helplessness and shame. Unfortunately, these very same feelings prevent far too many from confiding in family, friends or the authorities" says Sheriff Ackal. "Domestic violence comes in many forms; including emotional, mental and physical abuse and can involve both men and women. The emotional scars left after the physical wounds have healed are very often are an indelible mark on the victim" If you would like to speak to someone regarding domestic violence or to report a concern call
560-4139 or click here .


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