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Public Classes

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Department is constantly working to provide the public with education opportunities. We have prepared presentations on several subjects that we would be happy to present at your next group function or meeting. You can even put a group together just for this purpose.
We also have regularly scheduled Gun Safety classes.
To schedule a presentation or to register for a class call 560-1008 or email Captain Wendall Raborn.

          Louisiana Hunter Education Field Day
July -  http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1107
Sept - http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1111
Nov-   http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1117

                  Louisiana Hunter Education Classroom Course
July -           http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1108
August -      http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1110
September - http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1112
October -     http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1114
November -   http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1115
November -   http://my.register-ed.com/eventregistration/studentregister/1118

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