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Crime Scene Investigator

Crime_scene1After taking office in 2008, one of the many changes that Sheriff Louis Ackal made was the addition of the Bureau of Investigations, Crime Scene Division. Currently, there are two Investigators assigned to the Crime Scene Division. These individuals work very closely with the Patrol and Detectives divisions, along with the Iberia Parish Coroner’s Office to investigate all death calls and violent crimes. Crime Scene Investigators are called out to all major crime scenes to reconstruct and document the scene by note-taking, sketches, photography, videography and thorough report writing. Investigators are responsible for recognizing and collecting any and all relevant physical evidence to properly package and preserve for future testing. In addition to collecting evidence on scene, Investigators are able to lift latent fingerprints, swab for contact DNA, field test for marijuana and cocaine and lift shoe cast impressions when possible. In 2012, Crime Scene Investigators responded to the following calls:


Evidence Custodian

Crime_scene22Evidence Custodians have one of the most important jobs in the department. They are responsible for picking up, logging in, cataloging and preserving all evidence collected along with transporting evidence to and from the Crime Lab for testing. They also provide the court system with evidence needed for trials and maintain written and electronic records of where each and every piece of evidence is located. Currently, there are three Evidence Custodians working in this division. Below are the numbers of the pieces of evidence collected in 2012:



Along with the evidence processed for 2012, 41 Blood Alcohol kits were mailed to Louisiana State Police for processing. 132 firearms were submitted into evidence and all 132 firearms were e-traced through the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Note: The e-trace reports the original purchaser and original location from which the firearm was purchased. 591 items of evidence were submitted to the Acadiana Crime Lab for analysis and 1, 424 items of evidence were returned back to our agency from the Acadiana Crime Lab following completion of testing. In addition to the incoming evidence, 154 items were released back to owners.

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