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detectives3The Detective Division is the largest within the Bureau of Investigations. The Detective Division consists of 9 detectives, 7 assigned to days, three assigned to nights. The Division is supervised by two Sergeants, two Lieutenants and one Captain. Since taking office in 2008 violent crime is down over 24% according to the FBI’s annual Uniformed Crime Reports. Sheriff Louis Ackal has accomplished this by more than doubling the manpower within the division and has provided detectives with the equipment and skills necessary to properly investigate evolving crime trends in Iberia Parish.detectives5

Detectives are responsible for investigating a wide variety of crimes including identity thefts, property crimes, financial crimes, cyber crimes, sexual assaults, domestic violence, burglaries, armed robberies, home invasions and homicides. Detectives duties are to conduct follow-up investigations generated by the Patrol Division as well as self-initiated investigations.


detectives6Sheriff Ackal encourages detectives to take a pro-active approach against crime and participate in special operations throughout the year. Working closely with the juvenile detectives and outside agencies, detectives with the Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce help locate and arrest those persons who prey on the innocence of children. Being a detective requires a special set of skills which are necessary to investigate such a wide variety of crimes. Detectives attend training courses throughout the country where they learn skills to better investigate both violent and property crimes.

detectives4In 2012, detectives recovered over one-million dollars worth of stolen property and returned over $300, 000 initially related to financial crimes. In the years to come, the Detective Division will continue to use modern technology, intelligence and traditional practices to identify, locate and arrest those who participate in criminal activity in Iberia Parish.

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