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 Marine Division

Marine Division is staffed with three Officers, a sergeant and two deputies. Their function is to patrol the waterways within the City of New Iberia.

d1-5.h1The mission of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit is to save lives by responding to remote and hard reached areas of the parish in regards to anyone in distress. The Search and Rescue Unit is prepared to operate in any environment regardless of the conditions as long as the unit can safely accomplish its mission of search rescue and recovery.


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Unit conduct operations on land or water.
The main task of the unit is to respond to any distress calls within the parish that take place in inaccessible locations that require specialized equipment with specially trained personnel to achieve the assignment.

The Search and Rescue Unit has specially equipped boats that are outfitted for response to different locations within the parish. These boats are capable of navigating all waterways within the parish. Currently the unit has two airboats that can navigate shallow water where other boats would bog down. The unit has two skiffs used for small bodies of water and a 30 foot Little Yacht boat that the Search and Rescue team uses to contend with heavy seas when making rescues at the farthest reach of the parish boundary, which extends three miles south of Southwest Pass.

WaterPatrol03The deputies in the unit are trained to use cutting edge technology such as forward-looking infrared to help navigate through dense fog and no light conditions, global positioning systems which assist with increasing response time to locations and sonar that creates a safer navigation of areas where well heads and other obstructions can create a deadly hazard. Also each deputy is proficient in basic chart navigation and compass usage, known as dead reckoning. Since most of the units operations take place in a maritime environment, the deputies are proficient on basic seamanship to include knowing how to operate the boats, basic knot tying and the basic mechanics of the equipment.

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