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Louis M. Ackal, Sheriff

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Sheriff Louis Ackal has announced that he intends to consider (at a public hearing) levying additional or increased millage rates without further voter approval. The process is known as “rolling forward” millage rates. Roll forward only occurs when there has been an increase in property value as the result of reassessment, thereby resulting in an adjustment of the millage rates downward. The taxing district may then elect to roll up the millage rates to the prior year’s maximum level without voter approval.  Sheriff Ackal stated that the estimated amount of tax revenues to be collected next year from the increased millage is $6,608,474.62, and the amount of increase in ad valorem taxes attributable to the millage increase is $166,755.87.

Sheriff Ackal has scheduled a public hearing for Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at the office of the Sheriff located at 300 Iberia Street, Suite 120, New Iberia, Louisiana, to consider the matter. The public is invited to attend.   Click here to view Press Release    Click here to see 2017 Proposed Budget Summary

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Dated:                 May 18, 2017