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1_narcoticUpon taking office in July of 2008, Sheriff Ackal commissioned ten P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement officers and assigned them to the Bureau of Investigations, Narcotics Division.

These agents conduct investigations that lead to the apprehension and prosecution of drug law violators throughout Iberia Parish.

In an effort to combat illegal narcotics and violent crimes in Iberia Parish, narcotics agents also conduct V.I.C.E. Operations. These actions have resulted in numerous arrests, including prostitution, illegal gambling, etc.

Sheriff Ackal has also implemented various training programs that provide training to the narcotics division ranging from street level narcotics enforcement to long term conspiracy and narcotic trafficking investigations. Numerous local, state and federal agencies are assisting the Sheriff in providing this important training.

2_narcoticThis training, along with the skills and dedication of the members of the Narcotics Division, plays a vital part in the attempt to sever the narcotics trafficking pipeline that ultimately leads to the streets and neighborhoods of Iberia Parish.

The Narcotics Division uses many different tactics in the fight against drugs and violent crimes in Iberia Parish, which include being equipped with state of the art equipment. This in turn, enables the Narcotics Division to better serve and protect the citizens of Iberia Parish.

The Narcotics Division has also implemented public awareness programs for the students of Iberia Parish. Throughout Iberia Parish, agents can sometimes be found speaking to students about how the use of narcotics can negatively impact their lives.

Since July 2008, the Narcotics Division has been working closely with local, state and federal agencies; including the Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Marshals Office, Louisiana State Police and several local agencies throughout the state and United States.

3_narcoticSince the beginning of 2010, Sheriff Ackal has added two additional agents to the Narcotics Division. One of those agents’ sole responsibilities is pharmaceutical diversion investigations, while the other agent is responsible for all financial investigations. As a result of the Narcotics Division’s efforts and their relentless pursuit of these offenders, the division has been responsible for the following accomplishments in the year 2012:

Narcotics and vice investigations conducted -214
Narcotics and violent crimes arrest -146
Assets seized value – 1.2 million

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