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Patrol Shifts

Patrol shifts are divided into four shifts – two day shifts and two night shifts – so that we may provide 24 hour patrols, seven days a week. Deputies patrol the City of New Iberia as part of the contractual duties under the Law Enforcement Contract with the City. A separate force of deputies patrol the areas that are outside of the city limits.

The City of New Iberia is divided into two sections, West and East. Each section is divided into six sub-sections: WA, WB, WF, EC, ED, EE. The City is patrolled by two sergeants and at least eight patrol deputies. They are supervised by a shift lieutenant. Also, we have a deputy assigned to the desk at the Patrol Center.

The function of patrol is to actively respond to calls for service and to proactively deter crime in the City of New Iberia and all of Iberia Parish.

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