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Sex Crimes

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office is responsible for maintaining the registration of sex offenders and child predators who reside within the limits of the parish, including offenders that live within the city limits.  It is the Sex Crimes Unit that all convicted sex offenders must personally appear to handle all matters of their registration.   Upon receipt of registration information, the Sheriff’s Office forwards the information to the State Sex Offender and Child Predator Registry, which is operated by the Louisiana State Police.

Every convicted sex offender signs their State of Louisiana Sex Offender Registration Form. It contains all of their registration information and the laws governing convicted sex offenders.  It is ultimately the instrument by which the Sex Crimes Unit uses to ensure the fullest compliance of the law.

Registered convicted sex offenders are required by law to keep current a wide variety of information.  This includes but is not limited to periodic renewal of their registration, current address, temporary lodging, employment, every motorized vehicle registered to or operated by the offender, phone numbers, physical characteristics, tattoos, online identifiers and other information.  They must report all of this information within 3 business days of a change with the exception of vehicles which must be registered prior to operation.  They also must carry at all times their state issued Louisiana identification card and/or driver’s license identifying them as sex offenders.

Detectives from the Sex Crimes Unit are constantly in the field checking on convicted sex offenders to make certain they are in compliance with their sex offender registration, notification requirements and verify registration information of the offenders.   Any convicted sex offenders who are in violation of the rules are subject to an investigation to determine the facts of the matter.  If an offender has violated the laws governing convicted sex offenders and child predators, they are subject to arrest by the unit. All members of the Sex Crimes Unit work closely with the 16th Judicial District Attorney’s Office to ensure the successful investigation, submittal and prosecution of cases.

The Sex Crimes Unit keeps close communication with our Patrol Division, Probation & Parole, United States Marshal Service, Louisiana State Police, the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office and all other agencies necessary for keeping track of these offenders and the investigation of other crimes.

Approximately 262 offenders are active at this time. The status of offenders changes daily due to arrests, prison stays and changing of addresses.

  • Of these, 70 are incarcerated. 
  • Currently there are 84 offenders residing in the city limits of New Iberia.
  • The remainder, 108 live in other areas of the parish.
  • Ultimately there are approximately 402 convicted sex offenders registered with the Iberia Parish Sheriff Office.  In addition to the current active offenders there are a large number of inactive offenders for different reasons.  Some have moved out of state, some are deceased while others have had their registration period expire.

The unit is also charged with investigating all manner of sexually based offenses involving an adult perpetrator where the victim is an adult.  These crimes by nature are violent, extraordinarily complex and are investigated to the fullest extent.  All resources available are utilized to resolve the case.  Our investigators work tirelessly to identify every possible bit of potential evidence to close the case and bring it to a successful prosecution.
The mandate of the Sex Crimes Unit is to keep the citizens of Iberia Parish safe. This is accomplished by keeping the public well informed about convicted sex offenders registered in the boundaries of Iberia Parish, by aggressively enforcing the laws governing the same and to show the utmost diligence when investigating the violent sexual crimes they are assigned.

Citizens can assist us in this matter by either contacting the Sheriff’s Office directly or submitting tips online using our website.

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