As Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Iberia Parish, Sheriff Louis Ackal is also the Ex-Officio Tax Collector. The day-to-day responsibilities of the Tax Department fall to the Chief Deputy Tax Collector. The mission of the Tax Department is to ensure that all taxes and fees collected are distributed to the proper authorities in a timely manner as required by law. Taxes and fees which have been collected are distributed to the various agencies monthly. They are then distributed to the Iberia Parish Government, School Board, Hospital Districts, Sewerage & Water District, Assessor, Wildlife and Fisheries, Tax Commission, Fresh Water District, Levee District, Department of Forestry, and the Law Enforcement District.

With this department also rests the duties of collecting fines and bonds. These funds are also distributed to the Court System, which includes the District Attorney’s Office, Clerk of Court, Crime Reparation Board, Indigent Defender Board, Crime Lab, Criminal Court, Judicial Entity and the Sheriff.

Essentially, the Sheriff’s Office and their fiduciary responsibilities ensure that the Iberia Parish’s governing bodies receive their distributions timely, which creates a stronger financial position for each agency.