The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Range is open to the public and it is for use by BOTH law enforcement and the public. It is located at 3616 Broken Arrow Road, New Iberia, LA 70560. Local citizens may enjoy the use of the shooting range after meeting departmental safety guidelines.


08:00 hrs (8am) through 13:00 hrs (1pm)

12:00 hrs (noon) through 15:00 hrs (3pm)

Range House:

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office has approximately 220 Deputies that carry firearms in the line of duty. All of them have to maintain their firearms qualifications on an annual basis. The Louisiana Police Officer Standard of Training Counsel or better known as P.O.S.T. regulates the minimum standards of training for Police Officers. The facility houses a range house with a P.A. system, two pistol ranges and a rifle range. The pistol ranges are set up for qualification courses with fourteen shooting stages. One pistol range also has steel targets that are used for combat shooting. The rifle range is also P.O.S.T approved and shooters are able to set up to 100 yards.

The public is invited to use the facility while Range Officers and staff are present to monitor for safety and assist. Shooters are required to bring their own ammo, targets, and safety equipment such as safety glasses and ear protection. The Range is also open to the Boy Scouts of America for Scouts to earn Rifle Merit Badge. The Range staff includes a lieutenant and sergeant, four range officers and also a P.O.S.T. Firearms Instructor to assist in the open public day and training as well. The staff also conducts Public Relations classes, such as Women’s Firearms Safety. This class covers firearms safety, home security, legal aspects, and firearms fundamentals.

3616 Broken Arrow Road
New Iberia, LA 70560

Range House: