The Iberia Parish Jail is a facility that holds a capacity of up to 520 prisoners. These inmates range from New Iberia City inmates, Iberia Parish inmates, State Prisoners, Federal Prisoners, as well as prisoners for other local agencies. The Iberia Parish Jail staffs approximately 65 employees who oversee the daily operations of the jail, secure the inmates 24 hours a day, as well as perform various tasks, which will be outlined below:

> The Iberia Parish Jail has a wide variety of functions that serve not only the inmates who are residing in the facility, but which helps out the City of New Iberia as well as Iberia Parish.

> One of these functions is our Inmate Labor Program. Iberia Parish Jail has inmates working throughout the parish. These inmates are assigned to Iberia Parish Government (Parish Barn and Animal Pound) and New Iberia Police Department. These inmates perform a multitude of tasks such as preforming maintenance work, cutting grass, garbage pickup, etc. The inmate labor comes at no cost to any of the agencies who utilize them.

> Iberia Parish Jail also uses inmate labor to help maintain the daily operations of the jail. We utilize our inmates to maintain the cleanliness of our facility, the inmates are used to maintain the entire vehicle fleet of Iberia Parish Sheriff’s vehicles, inmates are responsible for construction that happens around the jail and throughout the department. Further, we utilize inmate labor to prepare meals for the prisoners at IPJ. Crews of 36 inmates prepare 1,500 meals per day, as well as assist in serving the meals.

> Louisiana Department of Corrections has assigned a state certified employee to teach inmates the following courses – Thinking for a Change / FDIC (Smart Money for Young Adults) / Understanding and Reducing Angry Feelings / Partners in Parenting / LA Risk Management Phases I & II (Mind Altering Substances)

> The Iberia Parish Jail completes finger prints for the public for employment, educational needs, and conceal carry permits. The jail utilizes the AFIS system (the Automated Fingerprint Identification System) which is maintained by Louisiana State Police.