The services of the Office of General Counsel for the Iberia Parish Sheriff include:

> Liaison with outside attorneys in matters of civil litigation against the Sheriff’s Office.
> Liaison with health, auto, liability, and property insurance companies and underwriters.
> Oversee adoption of annual millage rate.
> Oversee adoption of the new and amended budgets each year.
> Maintain the official minutes of the Sheriff’s Office.
> Perform risk management assessments for the Sheriff’s Office.
> Write and/or review policy and procedure.
> Receive service of lawsuits on behalf of the Sheriff.
> Receive, log and respond to all public records requests.
> Receive, log and respond to subpoenas for records.
> Receive, log and coordinate expungements of criminal records.
> Review and/or write contracts for the Sheriff’s Office.
> Represent the Sheriff’s Office in ad valorem tax disputes.
> Represent the Sheriff’s Office is disputed unemployment claims.
> Represent the Sheriff’s Office in motions for destruction of evidence.
> Assist and advise all IPSO boards and attend internal board meetings.
> Assist the Human Resource Division regarding employment matters.
> Assist the Payroll Division regarding garnishments and child support withholding.
> Provide legal advice to any IPSO employee on legal matters pertaining to IPSO.
> Administrator for banking on-line accounts.
> Apply for ex officio notaries and file annual renewal report with the Secretary of State.