The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division assigned the duties of criminal patrol throughout Iberia Parish, which includes the investigation of numerous traffic accidents each year.  The function of the Uniform Patrol is to actively respond to calls for service and to proactively deter crime in all of Iberia Parish. The Uniform Patrol Division consists of Patrol Shifts, K9, Traffic, Communications and Reserve Deputies. The Communication Section provides 24-hours dispatch services for the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. Utilizing computer -aided dispatch (C.A.D.).  IPSO Dispatchers are a liaison between the public and law enforcement. The K-9 Section utilizes highly trained and certified dual-purpose dogs and handlers for patrol use. They are dispatched to most in-progress calls and are utilized in building searches and apprehensions of high-risk suspects and are also certified to provide narcotics detection. The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Reserves Section supplements the Patrol Section in many ways, patrol, parades and many other functions.



Patrol shifts are divided into four shifts – two day shifts and two night shifts – so that we may provide 24 hour patrols, seven days a week. The function of patrol is to actively respond to calls for service and to proactively deter crime in all of Iberia Parish.



The Traffic Division consists of one sergeant and one traffic deputy. The vital role of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Traffic Division is to make the roadways safe for Iberia Parish. The Traffic Division strives to reduce the number of vehicle crashes by the strict enforcement of local and state traffic laws. In over 70% of vehicle crashes, the statistics have shown that speed is a major contributing factor. Knowing this, the Traffic Division will make every effort in the continuous professional enforcement of everyday traffic violations. This is an attempt to reduce the number of injuries to persons and damage to property caused by motor vehicle crashes. The division members are well trained in speed enforcement, motor vehicle crash investigation and D.U.I. apprehension. Their certifications include training from vast agencies such as North Western University, Louisiana State Police, University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Training Academy.

Finally, if you have any concerns of roadway hazards including speeding, stop sign violations, illegal parking or any other violations of local or state laws, please contact the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Traffic Division. Please know the Traffic Division will target areas of concern based on citizen complaints and high-volume traffic roadways whereas motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur.


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Canine Division currently staffs four canine teams. The teams currently being deployed for the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office are primarily used to enhance the safety of officers, citizens, and suspects. This is accomplished by providing increased efficiency in locating and apprehending the criminal element. All the canine teams are certified and trained in locating marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. Each handler is responsible for their canine partner twenty-four hours a day and required to provide for any need that the canine might always have.


The primary function to thee records division is to process and manage information maintained by the Sheriff’s Office.  This division receives offense and accident reports, ensuring that all records are properly stored, physical and electronically. The office responds to requests for public records and background checks.

Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Record Section
322 Providence Street
New Iberia, LA 70560
Office Number: 337-367-6579


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office marine division falls under the special investigations unit of the sheriff’s office. The deputies of the marine division are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event that any services they can provide are needed. The duties of the marine unit include proactive waterway patrol, search and rescue operations, and maritime investigations. The marine unit also works jointly with the united states coast guard, united states customs and border protection, the department of homeland security, and the Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries in a variety of roles based on situational needs. From narcotics interdiction on the waterways of the parish to boating accidents and natural disasters the Iberia parish sheriff’s office marine unit stands at the ready with a fleet of vessels.

The star of the marine unit fleet is the 29’ metal shark defiant class patrol vessel.  This vessel is used in search-and-rescue operations as well as offshore marine interdiction. The marine division also utilizes a 16×8 Robicheaux hull airboat powered by a 502 big block chevrolet engine.  Operators of the marine unit utilize this vessel to reach remote areas of the Atchafalaya basin and various other swampy areas around the parish as well as provide water rescue during flooding events or other natural disasters. Marine division operators also have access to a gator tail shallow water out board water craft and an 18’ g3 aluminum boat.  These two vessels are mainly used in search-and-rescue operations in the basin and Lake Fausse Point areas and to perform courtesy checks for camp and property owners in these areas.


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Communications Division provides 24-hour, toll-free telephone access for all emergency calls for Police, Fire and Medical assistance.
9-1-1 has been designated as the single emergency telephone number for emergency response in Iberia Parish, including the communities in and around the parish.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office Communications Division also maintains 24-hour two-way radio systems, capable of providing continuous contact between the Communications Center and the deputies in the field. The Sheriff’s Office provides each deputy with a mobile radio in his or her car, a portable radio that is carried on their person at all times.

The Communications Division also maintains continuous two-way communications with:

> Delcambre City Police.

The channels of communications also include:

> IPSO Administrative Channels
> Iberia Parish Emergency Management Channel
> Jeanerette Police Channel
> State of Louisiana Interoperability Radio Network
> For various other state agencies

The Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system maintains a record of all requests for service including:

> Incident number
> Date and time of request
> Name and address of complainant, if possible
> Type of incident reported
> Location of incident reported
> Identification of officer(s) assigned as primary and backup
> Time of dispatch
> Time of officer arrival
> Time of officer return to service
> Disposition or status of reported incident



Our warrants office is in-charge of keeping all active, and non-active warrant’s whether it be Felony or Misdemeanor Warrants on file and in order. The Warrants Office enters and updates all active warrant’s, received from the Iberia Sheriff’s Office and other agencies either in or out of state. Our Warrants Office enters active warrants, removes recalled, and satisfied warrants from our system. Such as Traffic Warrants, Child Support Warrants, Civil Warrants and Bench Warrants.  Our Office is always ready to either serve active warrants either in our parish or out of state. The Warrants Office Provide a complete background records check prior to serving an active warrant. Our office completes arrest reports for every warrant served by either our Warrants Office or Outside surrounding agencies.  Our Warrants Division also coordinates extradition of persons arrested outside of Iberia to be brought back to Iberia Parish on their pending charges. Our office also has a Jades System that can be accessed by the public to find active warrants for you or someone you know who has an active warrant.


Our Warrants Office handles Arrests/Incarceration/Active Warrants Awaiting Trial/Outstanding Warrants.  Call our Warrants Office if you have a tip during office hours or after hours.  Our Warrant’s Office phone numbers are 337-321-4567 and 337-321-4540.  If help is needed after hours contact our Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 337-369-3711.  Our Warrants Office is working to Deter Criminal Activity, Protecting Life and Property.  Warrants Office is located at 6005 Port Rd. New Iberia La. 70560.



A SRO has a diverse role is the school community and has many duties and responsibilities. A School Resource Officer is a sworn officer assigned to a school to perform three major roles: (1) law enforcement officer, (2) law-related counselor and (3) law-related educator. In addition, the officer works in collaboration with the school and the community as a resource for safety and security issues.


  1. As a law enforcement officer, the school becomes the officer’s beat. The SRO assists the school administration in maintaining a safe and secure environment. School administrators benefit from the SRO’s training, knowledge and experience is handling situations involving possible weapons violations or in the identification of controlled dangerous substances. The SRO provides a highly visible presence to deter or identify trespassers on campus. In addition, SRO’s provide a service to the surrounding community by addressing concerns such as loitering, speeding or loud car radios. The students when going to or from school often generate these types of community complaints. SRO’s are responsible for investigating violations of criminal law (such as fights, thefts, bullying, etc.) and when appropriate, make arrests. A SRO’s sworn duty to enforce the law does not contradict the need for the SRO to be positive role model — it in fact supports it. It is essential for an SRO to endorse high moral standards and use good judgment and discretion. Through this, students learn and understand what a professional law enforcement officer does. It is important to note that SRO’s are not school disciplinarians. SRO’s should not be involved in investigating school rule violations: For example, a student cheating on a test. Violations of school rules are the responsibility of the principal and faculty. If a violation of a school rule is also a criminal offense the SRO can conduct a concurrent investigation and take the appropriate action under the policies and procedures set forth by the Sheriff’s Office.
  2. The role of law-related counselor is not unfamiliar to a School Resource Officer. A sheriff’s deputy conducts street level law related counseling on a regular basis. For example, a victim of domestic violence is given information on how to obtain a protective order, or an officer may attempt to mediate a dispute between two neighbors. Officers are frequently called upon to help resolve problems that are not necessarily criminal matters. Similarly, guidance counselors will call upon the SRO to assist in conflict mediation efforts. Parents may seek information from the SRO if they suspect their child may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol. Students will ask the SRO for advice concerning a recent traffic ticket. Many times, students will just want someone to talk to about problems that they are experiencing, and the SRO is another caring adult in the school building who works to find positive solutions for young people.
  3. School Resource Officers have contact with majority of students in school. The SRO’s serve as a resource for educators in sharing their experience and expertise as a law-related educator when they are invited into the classroom as guest speakers. Classroom presentations by an SRO compliment the schools’ curriculum, as well as giving the SRO the opportunity to interact with students and discuss law-related issues. The contact that the SRO has with students in the classroom is a positive learning experience. Law-related education is designed to promote responsible citizenship and give the student a better understanding of how our legal system works. As a Sheriff’s deputy the SRO offers the student real life examples of how the criminal justice system operates. The SRO brings their experience into the classroom to educate the student on the role of law enforcement in a free society. SRO’s support school wide efforts to educate students on the consequences of unacceptable behavior both in school and in the community. In addition, the SRO works to educate students in crime prevention and personal safety.


The Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office is manned with ten part time and reserve officers. There function is to support the Patrol Division as well as other specialized sections of the Sheriff’s Office.