The Iberia Parish Sheriffs Office’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) has provided a ready response to situations in Iberia Parish that were beyond the capabilities of normally equipped and trained deputies. The SWAT team consists of a small group of highly trained and disciplined deputies that are faced with varied, multi-faceted missions. They respond to extremely dangerous situations that include responding to barricaded subjects, serving high risk arrest/search warrants, confronting suicidal individuals, hostage rescue, maritime interdiction, mobile assaults, dignitary protection, search and rescue, and hurricane relief operations.

The SWAT team is made up of an all-volunteer group of deputies from multiple divisions within the department including patrol, Detectives, and the Special Investigation Unit. SWAT team members are hand selected based on their background and law enforcement expertise as well as being able to handle themselves in stressful situations. All team members are sworn Iberia Parish Sheriff Office deputies who have proven themselves to be both physically and mentally fit and able to accomplish tasks under stressful conditions. To remain on the team members must routinely qualify with weapons and physical proficiency. Members train twice a month to further enhance their capabilities and expertise and team members routinely train with various agencies, Federal, State, and local, all over the United States.

In addition to their regular training, SWAT team members regularly attend schools with some of the nation’s leading Law Enforcement trainers to further enhance member and team capabilities.

In 2019 the Iberia Parish SWAT team obtained a BAE Caiman armored vehicle. This 28 ton vehicle is capable of transporting ten fully dressed operators as well as a driver and co-pilot and provided unrivaled armor protection for dangerous situations. In addition to its role as a SWAT transport, the Caiman’s size and height make it a useful tool during emergencies of all types as an evacuation vehicle, able to transport large numbers of people in situations not accessible to traditional vehicles.